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Fitgirlxtina's Workout Schedule

To see a specific workout circuit & video breakdown in the above calendar, click on the day and it will direct you!


I'll be starting phase I workouts on 11/16 :)

Get excited! Showing interest in a workout schedule is your first step towards the most important investment yet- YOURSELF!

For this specific workout plan you will need access to gym equipment.

Please note: Above is a schedule of workouts I created for myself. I am not a certified personal trainer or nutritionist. This is how I like to structure my workouts & I am simply sharing to help viewers who are interested living a healthy and fit life. Please consult your physician prior to starting any workout regimen.


The first phase of this workout schedule focus's on weights. There are 3 circuits per week,  3 rest days, and 1 Cardio day. 

You can swap any day labeled "rest " with a "cardio " day to fit your life's schedule.

You will soon find the training circuits will repeat every other week for phase 1. So keep track of what weights you use for each exercise & that way you can compare (and improve) in the weeks to come!

On my cardio day I will either choose to do a cycling class, boxing class, use the elliptical, uphill treadmill speed walk (not using the handlebars), or stairmaster. Try to keep these workouts between 30min-1hr.

Your rest days are just important as your training days. It's not a free for all, you still need to be cautious about your nutrition intake to fuel your muscles that are trying to grow!

These circuits should take you about 45 min to complete including a 10 min warm-up! My go to warm up is a 0.5-1.0 mile jog on the treadmill or an 800 meter row.

If you try any of these circuits from the above calendar , be sure to snap a photo and hashtag it #Fitgirlxtina. I'd love to see how you enjoy them!