5 Ways to Get through the Holiday Binge

Hello Fit Fam! It's that time of year where holiday indulgences can really put a damper on fitness progress...

The weather's getting chilly, the birds are outside chirping, and the smell of pumpkin pie fills the room. And for some of you the wine hangover is setting in so those birds really need to chill the eff out.

Okay, so you might of planned to resist the temptations of indulging in the holiday feasts. But let's be honest, regardless of how strong minded you plan to be. sometimes we might make choices that were less-than-desirable.

If you stuck to your ground, you deserve a huge CONGRATS! Getting through the holidays with self control and moderation is a jaw opening accomplishment! SO I'm giving you a round of applause. KEEP GOING!!!!

However, if you did indulge are are waking up not so proud of your choices the key is to NOT spiral into the galaxy of the bad habits and self hatred. Throw away your guilt. Like right now. It will set your farther back instead of focusing on the future.

Indulging in the holiday food is LIFE! I actually recommend it IF and only if you can bounce back into your healthy routine!

So, fellow fit girls....here's how to get back on track:

1) Drink your agua. Every last drop of it. Yes that's 8-10 glasses. Try tossing in a squeeze of lemon juice to jazz it up.

2) Get a sweat sesh in. If you don't know what to do, click on "GET FIT WITH X" and there are HIIT & circuits for you to choose from! Or go on a really long walk with your favorite fur baby. Just get out there and move your behind.

3) Give yourself a reminder that just because you surrendered your Fit Girl routine for one day doesn't mean it's gone forever. Ask yourself why you started and don't allow too much time between the "Turkey time-out" and getting back into it!

4) Do not try to make up for your overfilled calorie'd day. Basically don't starve yourself. Yes, you can eat lighter but DON'T get in the mindset that you have to "make up for yesterday."

5) Last and so importantly, take a look at yourself in the mirror- No, not to stare at your midsection, but to look at yourself and say something NICE! Self love is REAL so practice! Never dwell on the negative only focus on building yourself up- and it starts with YOU! 

Remember... you're doing amazing...