How to Keep Your Gym Clothes Smelling Fresh

Workout clothes can be pricey & they take a beating from your body, soaking up all your hard work & sweat. Let's be honest, they need some more TLC in the wash than your shirts and socks.

From your expensive sports bra to your fitness leggings & even your gym shoes, find out my favorite tips and products to get your sweaty stuff clean & smelling fresh in no time!


Here’s how I wash my activewear to keep them vibrant, clean, and stink-free:

  • Start out by flipping your clothes inside-out to protect colors. Plus, most of the gross stuff (sweat, dead skin cells, ext.) tends to build up on the inside of your gym clothes.

  • Use a detergent made for gym clothes. Since you're probably sweating up a storm, Persil ProClean 2 in 1 is a detergent specifically designed for high intensity / performance fear.

  • Wash your activeware in cold water. Hot water will break down fibers and can cause your favorite pair of leggings or track jacket to become one size too small.

  • Air dry your clothes, or use the lowest heat setting on your dryer. Because remember high heat can cause shrinkage or damage.

Persil works to protect my clothes so I can wear & wash what I love as often as I'd like without fear that they'll need to be thrown out due to an accumulation of stink.

Laundry isn't exactly my favorite routine, BUT saving money by protecting my clothes, it certainly helps make the task just a tad more enjoyable! And who doesn't love saving money when you have a seriously shopping problem?

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Thank you to Persil for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own.