How We Survived Our First 6 Weeks With A Newborn


1. Honest Company Organic Nipple Balm

First off, let's start with the nips. Breastfeeding was an adjustment in the first few weeks (to say the least). Baby J came out of the womb looking for the boob. I remember the nurses put him on my chest ... and thinking okay now how do I do this?  Despite the stigma of breastfeeding being the most natural thing to do with your baby I will say there's nothing natural about those first few feedings. I fumbled through the first few latches and in turn had the worst nipple pain of my life. One of my besties who joined mamahood before I did put together a package of the sh*t you really need. This nipple ointment included & it was a blessing.  Luckily I had it and didn't have to go days or weeks without this stuff. So buy some because without it, it hurts... trust me. 

2. Medela Pump In Style

Attaching two suction cups to your boobs won’t ever feel normal, but if you plan on nursing, then chances are you’ll want a reliable pump. I didn't start pumping until week 4. I read was important to establish a good breastfeeding schedule before bottle feeding pumped milk. So I took that as waiting to pump too? Looking back I'm not sure why- maybe it's the pregnancy brain. I know a lot of mamas start pumping right away and it seems to be great for them! The reason I didn't pump until week 4 because Baby J was breastfeeding great and I was worried I would "mess up" my supply aka scared to get over engorged. Did you know you can get a free breast pump with your insurance?! Here's the link I used to get mine! Another mama hack is to stock up from your hospital room. I got an extra set of pump parts to take home which has come in handy between the constant cycle of cleaning, drying, ext. Now I pump 2x/day because I'm heading back to work in 3 weeks and trying to build a good stash!

3. Nursing pads

Trust me, once you sleep without nursing pads, you’ll wish you had them! I made that mistake and woke up the first morning wondering why our bed was soaking wet. You can either get disposable or reusable. I chose to go with reusable because they feel more comfortable & throwing them in the wash isn't that big of deal since you'll be doing laundry everyday! (will it ever end?!?) I got my set from .

4. Good diapers

Investing in a good brand of diapers will ensure leaks and wardrobe changes throughout the day. We started off with Pampers Swaddlers and love them! They have an indicator strip which turns colors when it's time to change the babe! A few weeks in we tried Parasol Co diapers and other than being artistic they do the job as well. It is a subscription base which is nice to not have to constantly go on diaper runs. I haven't had my second shipment yet but so far we have plenty left to hold us over. I do feel Pampers have more absorbancy (but have a more chemical smell than the Parasol brand) so we use these at nighttime. Make sure to not over buy newborn size. You will use a lot more of the size 1 diapers and will probably be putting your baby in them before the first month is over.

5. Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

Halo sleepsack's are a lifesaver and such a perfect baby shower gift, I could not have lived without mine! My son wears these with just a diaper. I own four and will soon buy the next size up. I will be sad when I can no longer swaddle him (as soon as he rolls over) but nice that I can continue to use this product with the arms free! Nice that it is essentially 2-in-1. Also making those night time diaper changes just a little easier is the zipper that zips top to bottom so you can unzip the bottom without taking everything off!

6. Munchkin Bottle Warmer

Now that we're introducing bottles I definitely think investing in a bottle warmer was gold.  I was skeptical at first wondering why I couldn't just run the bottles under hot water to warm them up? After the first bottle I was a believer. I chose this one because it was the less expensive option when I was on a Target run!

7. Owlet Smart Sock

Like many new parents I am terrified of SIDS. I'll admit the first few days we didn't use this thing because I was afraid of waking him up and we needed those thirty minutes of precious sleep. Now, we've gotten into the routine of putting it on before he falls asleep. Like with any technological thing we don't rely on it fully but it does give us peace of mind during the longer night stretches. We haven't had ANY false readings & I turned off those noisy notifications about low battery or sock placement issues ( I do still get the notifications on my phone but they don't wake me or baby)

8. Rock n' Play

If there was an adult version of this I would get it. This thing makes nap time so easy and comfortable for baby J. He loves the constant rocking (what baby doesn't) and it soothes him back to sleep if he fusses. We actually used this for about a week or two for night time sleep until we realized it's not safe for unsupervised sleep. WE WERE SO BUMMED because he was sleeping 4-5 hour stretches but like I said above we're super freaked out about SIDS so following the safe sleep guidelines we now have him sleeping in his bassinet.

9. Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water

Two words: Baby Acne. I had no idea that a few weeks after babies are born they can wake up one day with white heads and red bumps all over their face. It first started around his T-zone and it felt like after every nap it was spreading to almost his entire face and chest. After some reading I found out baby acne is totally normal and it will run its course and go away on its own. Everything I read said between 4-6 months it should start clearing up. What!? Baby acne doesn't bother them but it bothered me that he looked like a full blown teenager so I started researching if there's something we could do. Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water seemed to be the answer. We use it to keep his face clean between baths and it smells amazing. After about 5 days of using it his face is pretty much clear again! Definitely recommend this stuff, we use it once in the morning on a gauze square and once in the evening. 

After compiling this list I realized everything revolves around either eating or sleeping (ha!). It's amazing how many things there are to make life with a baby easier. It can be so overwhelming to figure out what you really need! I've taken the learn as you go approach so far. What are some of your baby must haves for months 2-3? I've heard there's some major fussy times in our near future!

** This post is in no way sponsored, these are all products I use and love and hopefully you will too! **