A Look Back At 2017

Happy almost 2018! Crazy, right?!?  I am so excited to be spending it at home this year for the first time ever. Probably not even making it late enough to watch the ball drop but I’d say being cozy cozy cozy at home with my boys trumps that.

This year has been so beautiful, so tiring, so blissful, so challenging. Everything has drastically changed over the last 12 months, and yet I feel more at home with this life of mine than I ever have before.

We closed on our first house the day we found out we were pregnant... talk about a BIG DAY! But in hind site, the timing of it all couldn't have been perfect for us.

In becoming a mother, I have more empathy and more patience. I am much more efficient with my time. I’ve learned to accept help and I’m more open to change.

I am so. very. tired. And usually always worried. Because let’s be honest, moms are always worried about their babies. It kinda comes with the territory.

I’m not exactly sure how I balanced life being pregnant and then with a new baby. My world sorta stopped being on bed rest and I had to learn to slowwww down. Not working was tough for me. I trained so hard to get to where I am in my career but my baby’s health was much more important. We literally can’t really do it all, but we can do it all imperfectly. With an army of help, anything is possible, and I am infinitely grateful for my husband and our family who kept me sane while spoiling our boy with love. Also, speaking of my husband-he is a rockstar dad who supports me in everything I do.  He continues to be so much better than any expectations I ever had.

2017 you were beautiful. Thank you for experiencing it with me. I’m so happy to have you along on this crazy journey with me and truly, I cannot tell you how much YOU have guided me in this journey. To read your supportive and encouraging comments on Instagram, to read your personal messages about your own triumphs (and struggles) of new motherhood, to see how so many of you have told me how inspired you feel to go after a career and a family you love and balancing it all with a healthy lifestyle … it has inspired ME so much, and I am grateful.

Here’s a look at my favorite moments of 2017…

Pre-Babymoon Bliss | Maui

Finding Out About Baby

Our First Home

Welcome To The World | Meet John

Merry Merry | Baby's first Christmas

MERRY 2017… AND HAPPY 2018! xxxx