Baby coming soon! First trimester recap

If you follow me on instagram then you probably saw our big announcement – we’re pregnant! Baby Kryszan is due in November and we couldn’t be more excited! I found out at just 4 weeks so it’s been a big secret for awhile now.  It feels great to have it out in the open, you have no idea!

My first trimester was not filled with the horror stories I’ve heard {thank goodness!} but to be honest the first trimester can really suck.  I definitely didn’t feel like myself – lots of sleeping, zero energy, tons of carbs, no working out, and food aversions. Not to mention how excited you are to be pregnant-- but no one knows. You're not showing (maybe a little bloated), and you are too scared (or superstitious) to really celebrate. You aren't supposed to tell anyone and the biggest news of your life is not a big secret. 

With that being said -  it feels incredible to be in my second trimester. After almost 3 months of not working out (maybe the occasional yoga sesh when I didn't feel like a complete zombie) I'm finally able to get in my workouts (with a few modifications). Eating healthy was out the window the first few months as well... bagels & cheerios were my go to! and cheese....lots of cheese. Now I can't get enough veggies & fruit! So many changes going on in and outside of my body, I'm trying to fuel it with the best possible nutrients to keep up with the demands!

I'm learning new things everyday about being pregnant and soon to be motherhood, it should be an interesting ride! Thank you for all of the love thus far, it made us so much more excited about what is to come.

{It's been fun watching our friends & families reactions}