Living Room Gallery Wall

We have been in our house for over 6 months and are slowly feeling like we’ve made it ours. This blank wall was something I wanted to save for last because it’s such a main focal point.


Since our living room is a main focal point we wanted to create a gallery wall that was really meaningful to us, where the pieces have a special meaning or memory behind it. Not all of those pieces were typical “photograph” pieces – some were art pieces from Minted to bring color into the space. I can be a bit of a perfectionist and overanalyze every single detail, so I had to map out everything and rearrange it 20 times because I am so indecisive lol.

The first thing you have to do is think of what you want to have on your wall- photos, artwork, kids drawings, ext. Then think of the color palate that matches your home. For me- we have lot of grey & white. So I wanted to bring a little color pop into the gallery wall. I decided to make all the photos of my family B&W and tie in blues & greens with artwork. Once you have a rough idea of color and types of artwork it’s time to design.

Photoshop made it super easy to build a visual mock-up so you can really visualize the pictures you choose for the space. I chose to do a gallery wall that looked very clean and crisp so I used all the same size and color frames (16 x 20 frame with 11 x 14 photos). I knew my wall would look fir 4 columns and 3 rows the best. I didn’t measure this but feel free if you’re not sure!

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 12.32.06 PM.png

Then, I started with a blank document, upload your prints or images (I took screenshots of the prints I wanted to buy from Minted first) and start arranging them. I’m such a visual person, I liked getting a true picture of what it was going to look like before I had everything framed & hung. Using Photoshop made it easy to see what photos looked nice next to its neighbor image. I was able to switch and swap them (and show my husband before getting them printed- money saver!!) This is such a crucial step and I highly recommend doing it before starting.

Once I found an arrangement I liked, the next step was printing. I used Minted for all the color artwork and printed our family photos at staples. They ended up being amazing quality. I wanted the design to be sleek but still light and airy so I decided to stick with thin white frames. I landed on the Pick & Mix white frames from At Home. I love how clean and minimalist it turned out for the space. And for only $12.99 each you can’t beat it. I actually used these frames for a different project in my home so I knew I liked them.


Here’s what saved me hours with spacing!!! I used newspaper the size of the frames & taped them to the wall- (I also realized you can take out the stock photo in the frame and use this as a template if you don’t have newspaper.) I first found the middle of the wall & split the center with my two middle frames. I measured the space between them and used that measurement for the two outside frames to make sure they all had equal spacing and were centered on the wall.

Once the wall is mapped out hanging was the easy part! I hung my frames with one center nail and knew exactly where to pound it into the wall thanks to premeasuring and attaching the newspapers to the wall.


I had so much fun putting this wall together and absolutely in love with the final product. I hope this helps you create a wall in your own home :)


To say our home has come a long way is an understatement. See the complete before & after below!