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As parents we are constantly adapting to best accommodate children’s needs. There seems to always be a list of new things we want to do, and sometimes it includes things we want to improve on, or things we wish we would have done different. One thing we’ve done, maybe too well, is documenting our kids’ beginnings. Thanks to camera-phones there will be no shortage of photos for our little ones to look back on. The first month baby J was here my dad made the comment, “ I think you have more photos of that baby than we took of you you’re your whole first year of life.” I laughed and agreed! I think this is true for most families in this digital era we’re living in. Still, I feel we would be shortchanging our kids if all we left them were hard drives of data floating around a cloud. I have a special place in my heart for real, attainable items and I’ve felt it’s important to create a ‘baby book’ to look back at these important moments.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it’s made me reflect on the first 6 months with my baby. It has reminded me of how my mother has shaped my path. Collectively we share a common ground in our beginnings- they all start with her—with mom! I still have the baby book my mom made for me and I’m sure as my baby grows he will love looking through it! For John’s baby book, I selected Artifact Uprising and their beautiful & modern The Story of You Baby Book.

Thankfully cameras, photo editing and printing have been as easy as 1, 2, 3. And thanks to Artifact Uprising, making a gorgeous baby book for John is almost too easy. For his book I chose the smoke fabric with gold foil. The book itself is bound with a high quality hard cover and nice paper within. The design and layout is sophisticated & polished, ((not trendy)), giving the album a timeless quality which I think is ideal as one of the main reasons to make this is for John to enjoy it 10, 20, 30 years from now.

Beyond its attractiveness, The Story of You is simple. It came with everything I needed to complete John’s book— including a pretty gold pen and the 2-way tape for adhering the photos – plus page headings and well considered sections to help me organize my photos and thoughts. I love the little prompts, which are there to help guide you towards documenting the everyday moments rather than typical milestones.   A sets of Everyday Prints in the 3.25” x 3.25” square format are also included with each book!

John’s birth and his first six months are now beautifully documented, with plenty of pages for all the fun to come. We’re so pleased to have this lovely keepsake.

If you’d like to create your own book, you can now receive a 15% discount with code FGX15 (valid through May 4th, 2018)


This post has been sponsored by Artifact Uprising, and all opinions and images are my own. I am proud to partner with this wonderful company