How To Stay Fit As A New Mom

Hey mama! You’re not alone: Adding exercise on top of everything else going on as a mom is a true accomplishment.  Truth is, it’s taken me over a year and a half to FINALLY prioritize myself and my fitness goals. You don't need to be a mom with a trainer and a nanny to keep up with your postnatal workouts- even though having one, or both of those is a lifesaver.  Finding ways to fit in cardio and strength training in a jam-packed schedule has worked for me and I’m hoping a few tips will work for you too!


Choose where your workout is going to be:

I was a frequent gym-goer before I had our son, but after he was born making it was way more of a chore than in the past. After going back to work and having him with a nanny full-time, I couldn't bear the guilt of leaving him for longer than I needed so that I could work out.  It wasn't until my husband and I started to build our home gym that I decided I could decide to make fitness a reality again.


Choose when your workout will  be:

I found that when keeping my son on a regular schedule (and sleeping through the night), it was much easier to plan my workouts around his & helps me committed to my own fitness routine.  


Set your workout goals:

Setting realistic and measurable goals are something that will keep this commitment strong. I set out my workout clothes the night before. then exercise first thing in the morning before the chaos begins. My little man is so sweet but a little too young to respect my workout time, but I know that staying active gives me the energy I need to keep up with him throughout the day.  These help me hit my goals: whether it’s getting in 4 days of sweat, feeling more confident in your clothes, complete a workout program or race. Select your goals and crush them. For me its to feel more confident & strength training makes me feel fierce and powerful. I’m following a workout guide and here was an example of yesterdays arm workout.

Circuit 1 ( repeat 3x) :

  • 12 incline pushups

  • 30 second plank

  • 12 decline walkouts

  • 30 second mountain climbers

Circuit 2 ( repeat 3x) :

  • 24 incline shoulder taps

  • 12 shoulder press

  • 10 bicep curls

  • 10 burpees

Circuit 3 ( repeat 3x) :

  • 12 Incline plank + arm raise

  • 12 Lat pull downs

  • 12 cable pull

Workout with your kids or set time for yourself:

When John was younger, I did a lot of baby-wearing workouts with him- using him as my weights.  He loved being close-and I loved the burn from carrying the extra weight. Now that he’s almost two, I love taking him along my morning jogs but when it comes to strength training, his attention span goes a little too quick for me to get a full workout in. But hey! SOMETHING is better than NOTHING. If I’m planning on strength training, I find it easiest to get in a workout before he wakes up, of after he goes to bed.

All of these tips have something in common.... PLAN! if you create the right mindset anything is possible. Stick to it and you will not regret doing something that will better your mind, body, and soul.