Week 4

With Thanksgiving coming up & a little over indulgence this past weekend it's time to get back to it!

This breakfast has always been a great 'go to'.  It's easy to assemble in the morning & I can eat it in the car on my morning commute. Yup, that's me...the girl who is always eating in her car! I'll toast my 100% whole wheat English muffin, cook my 3 egg whites, spread 1/4 an avocado to the muffin and 1 slice of ultra thin Swiss cheese on-top of my eggs. Start to finish ~5min!

Yesterday I stumbled across FITMENCOOK's recipe for Orange Sriracha Honey Chicken ... and WOW is this marinate good!!! It's the perfect balance between citrus, sweet, & spicy. I grilled a week's worth of chicken and will keep it stored until the morning of. I peeled & coarsely chopped 3 sweet potatoes. Whipped in almond milk, cinnamon, and a touch of vanilla extract. Steamed a large bag of green beans and ta-da! Lunch prep is finished.

Dinner for Monday & Wednesday is a recipe I found from my BBG sister, Chinae Alexander (aka @GetFitBrooklyn). It's her mushroom slow cooker pot roast and it looked to die for so I was in serious need to try and recreate this! In a crock-pot... combine a pork shoulder, cream of portobella mushroom soup, rosemary stocks, sliced baby bella's, beef broth, & chopped onions. Dinner will be ready by the time you're home from school (or work!) I'm serving mine with roasted red potato, because it fits my macros :)

My all-time favorite, quick & easy marinade for salmon is simply Dijon mustard mixed with a touch of brown sugar. Spread this on a 6oz salmon fillet & broil on high for 12 min. In the meantime I'll steam my broccoli and cook my orzo. A perfectly balanced dinner in less than 30 min!

Check back through the week & I'll be posting detailed recipes with nutritional info for some of these recipes!