Week 5

Time for another weekly meal plan! I cant believe Thanksgiving week is here -- I'm keeping Thursday completely open to all the holiday goodness!

For breakfast I'll be making quick & easy protein oats.  If you have never added protein powder to your plain oats be ready to be amazed. I cook 1/3 cup of Quaker Oats with either almond milk or water in the microwave and after mix in 1/2 a scoop of your favorite flavor protein powder.  I like cookies & cream but really any flavor can be used.  This week I'm topping with a couple TBSP of light coconut milk, coconut flakes, banana, and a tsp of brown sugar. Mmmmm already dreaming of tomorrow's breakfast

Lunch is a simple meal prep. I'll be making enough chicken, veggies, and brown rice for the entire week.  Using a low sodium fajita flavoring packet I'll pan cook my chopped chicken. I will then portion out 5 oz of chicken a day. I'll also saute some red and green bell peppers with onion and mushrooms. Next, I'll cook brown rice (enough for 1/2 cup per day).

The two dinner options for this week are Parmesan Crusted Pork Loin & a recipe I found on "Skinny Taste"-- Turkey & Black Bean Enchiladas. Check back soon to view these recipes :)

Snack include a rice cracker tuna melt, and it's as easy as it sounds! Simply mix some green onion, Greek yogurt, and tuna together. Put on-top a rice cracker with a slice of tomato, some avocado, and cheddar cheese