Week 3

Take a peak at this week's meals !

Recipes to follow:)

For breakfast I was craving something sweet & savory, so berry + ricotta toast with a little balsamic drizzle & basil will definitely hit the spot! I might switch it up throughout the week and substitute pomegranate seeds for my strawberries (because they're in season!)

I love creating bowls for lunch 1. because they're easily pack-able & 2. the variety of these are limitless. I decided to spice & roast some chickpeas & sweet potato wedges, add in some cucumber, tomato, corn, & arugala. To add some protein & hit my macro goals I will eat 5 oz of ground chicken (I might eat this plain or add it to my bowl)

Gosh, I can’t believe how late I’ve arrived to the mug cake party. My quality of life has seriously improved since adopting this snack option. I've had to play around with this recipe to get it just right, but I think I found it! Gooey chocolate protein cake in the perfect single serving size with absolutely no guilt!

My two dinner options are spinach lasagna roll up with Cappello's gluten free lasagna sheets, ricotta, spinach, chicken, shallots, and tomato sauce. Second up is a Greek style lean beef burger packed with feta & parsley flavor with a side of white bean caprese salad.

Check the "healthy eats" tab throughout the week as I will be posting some of these recipes!

Happy Sunday,