Week 8

Hello and happy meal prep day!

I hope everyone has been able to stay on track this weekend, but if not use today to GET BACK TO IT!


Up for breakfast is another breakfast sandwich...I can't get enough of these! See my post under "Healthy Eats" for a full recipe breakdown

For my prep tonight, I sliced 5 chicken breast cutlets into cubes.  I tossed the cubes into a bowl and added about 1/2 a cup of whole wheat flour and lightly coated them discarding the extra flour. On a hot skillet with a bit of coconut oil I cooked the chicken until no longer pink.  After the pan cooled a but I added Frank's Red Hot and evenly coated. BOOM! Buffalo grilled chicken poppers are done! I sprinkled 1/2 tbsp of blue cheese crumbles on top and packed my chicken with some roasted broccoli and a chickpea, parsley, and vinegar "salad."

Okay, lets be honest, I cook very simply! My first dinner of the week is TACO NIGHT! At my local grocery store 96% lean ground beef was on sale so first thing I thought of was tacos (mmm they're my weakness). Using my own taco seasoning (chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flakes, dried oregano, paprika, cumin, salt & pepper) simply brown the beef and add your seasoning. I bought some Whole Foods black bean corn salsa because, well ITS DELICIOUS and will be using lite whole grain tortillas.

Salmon is another go to dinner in my house. I almost always use the same glaze because its only 2 ingredients (Dijon & brown sugar) and so mouth watering. Just coat with the glaze and put in the oven on HIGH broil for 11-12 min.

These snacks are what I'll be looking forward to all day :) Single bite trail mix recipe will be posted soon as well as smoked salmon rice cakes. Stay tuned!