Week 4

With Thanksgiving coming up & a little over indulgence this past weekend it's time to get back to it!

This breakfast has always been a great 'go to'.  It's easy to assemble in the morning & I can eat it in the car on my morning commute. Yup, that's me...the girl who is always eating in her car! I'll toast my 100% whole wheat English muffin, cook my 3 egg whites, spread 1/4 an avocado to the muffin and 1 slice of ultra thin Swiss cheese on-top of my eggs. Start to finish ~5min!

Yesterday I stumbled across FITMENCOOK's recipe for Orange Sriracha Honey Chicken ... and WOW is this marinate good!!! It's the perfect balance between citrus, sweet, & spicy. I grilled a week's worth of chicken and will keep it stored until the morning of. I peeled & coarsely chopped 3 sweet potatoes. Whipped in almond milk, cinnamon, and a touch of vanilla extract. Steamed a large bag of green beans and ta-da! Lunch prep is finished.

Dinner for Monday & Wednesday is a recipe I found from my BBG sister, Chinae Alexander (aka @GetFitBrooklyn). It's her mushroom slow cooker pot roast and it looked to die for so I was in serious need to try and recreate this! In a crock-pot... combine a pork shoulder, cream of portobella mushroom soup, rosemary stocks, sliced baby bella's, beef broth, & chopped onions. Dinner will be ready by the time you're home from school (or work!) I'm serving mine with roasted red potato, because it fits my macros :)

My all-time favorite, quick & easy marinade for salmon is simply Dijon mustard mixed with a touch of brown sugar. Spread this on a 6oz salmon fillet & broil on high for 12 min. In the meantime I'll steam my broccoli and cook my orzo. A perfectly balanced dinner in less than 30 min!

Check back through the week & I'll be posting detailed recipes with nutritional info for some of these recipes!

Week 3

Take a peak at this week's meals !

Recipes to follow:)

For breakfast I was craving something sweet & savory, so berry + ricotta toast with a little balsamic drizzle & basil will definitely hit the spot! I might switch it up throughout the week and substitute pomegranate seeds for my strawberries (because they're in season!)

I love creating bowls for lunch 1. because they're easily pack-able & 2. the variety of these are limitless. I decided to spice & roast some chickpeas & sweet potato wedges, add in some cucumber, tomato, corn, & arugala. To add some protein & hit my macro goals I will eat 5 oz of ground chicken (I might eat this plain or add it to my bowl)

Gosh, I can’t believe how late I’ve arrived to the mug cake party. My quality of life has seriously improved since adopting this snack option. I've had to play around with this recipe to get it just right, but I think I found it! Gooey chocolate protein cake in the perfect single serving size with absolutely no guilt!

My two dinner options are spinach lasagna roll up with Cappello's gluten free lasagna sheets, ricotta, spinach, chicken, shallots, and tomato sauce. Second up is a Greek style lean beef burger packed with feta & parsley flavor with a side of white bean caprese salad.

Check the "healthy eats" tab throughout the week as I will be posting some of these recipes!

Happy Sunday,


Week 2

Time for another weekly menu!

I strive for about 1480-1500 calories per day with a macro breakdown of 40% carbs, 35% protein, and 25% fat

This is based on my personal goals, activity level, and metabolism.  Calorie and macro goals are not a one size fits all.

Structuring my daily meals this way is what works for me!

Week 1

If you follow my feed on Instagram, you know I'm an avid meal planner!

I spend some time on Sunday's to plan my meals out for the week ahead. I'm in search of a breakfast, lunch, and two dinners.

For one week, I'll eat the same breakfast & lunch and alternate between two dinners every other night.

This is what works for me because it cuts down on planning & prepping!




My goal is to consume 8 cups of water a day

I also have a 10 oz cup of coffee in the am